Paragliding in Nepal


Nothing can thrash the rush of being in the sky, flying like a winged animal in the thermals at the same time getting a charge out of perspectives on snow topped mountains, flawless lakes and verdant valleys like no place else on earth. With experienced pilots to direct you through the skies, it’s an encounter of an actual existence time. You may fly again sometime in the not so distant future, however you’ll never appreciate a similar marvelous perspectives. Browse couple flights to completely confirmed paragliding courses, solo flights or even go paragliding joined by falcons!

With the low lying valleys and the high cool mountains, Nepal gives the absolute best paragliding encounters on the planet with its common rising thermals. Paragliding has been in vogue in Nepal since 1995 and the game is getting perpetually famous. You can sign in as a novice and leave with many flying hours added to your repertoire. Taking off high above with the birds of prey and getting a charge out of amazing perspectives on the Himalayan tops from this vantage point is an encounter you will always remember. You can fly with world class pilots, solo or couple and advantage from neighborhood information going cross country or acro flying, you can even get your universal permit in Nepal. In the event that you don’t have your own hardware or decided not to carry it to Nepal with you, at that point you can contract them in Nepal on the off chance that you need to fly without anyone else.

Because of the dangers of being excessively near the flying ways of local aircrafts, you are not allowed to simply dispatch as a private pilot. In this manner it is imperative to get acquainted with and follow the flying strategies and guidelines of Nepal.

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Paragliding in Nepal