Naya Kanga Peak – Ganjala Chuli Climbing - 17 Days


Naya Kanga Peak also called Ganjala Chuli due to its close location at mere distance from the high Pass of Ganja-La at 5,122 m / 16,800 ft that separates Langtang valley and Helambu region. Naya Kanga Peak / Ganjala Chuli Climbing, lead to great scenic adventure around Central Himalaya within Langtang Himal region which is the closest mountainous area from the capital Kathmandu.

Naya Kanga Peak / Ganjala Chuli Climbing towers above 5,844 m and 19,285 ft high towards southern end rim of beautiful Langtang valley which is also on route to Helambu via high Ganja-La pass. One of the most scenic region around Nepal Himalaya where views of peaks never ends as you start walk to reach the base camp of Naya Kanga beyond Langtang valley after an exciting drive from Kathmandu heading towards north direction.

Naya Kanga Peak or Ganjala Chuli Climb grade as just PD means ‘Per Difficule’ the grading used from popular French and Swiss Alpine Climbing Classification which is close to II to III of Scottish Grading, a straight forward climb with few technical effort to encounter to reach the top of Naya Kanga Peak or Ganjala Chuli. An adventure of two week duration with scenic walks and climbs where tented camping is involved after leaving Kyanjin settlement for sheer wilderness towards base of Naya Kanga Peak.

Starts from nice village of Syabrubesi village after overland journey from the city of Kathmandu with climb to high green hills covered within lovely forest of tall rhododendron and pine trees with some bamboo grooves, which makes excellent home for some mountain wild animals and bird-life. On walk with serene forest where one get glimpse of elusive and endangered Red Panda often seen on treks towards Langtang village and scenic Langtang valley, as route heads into river gorge with dense trees, heading past Langtang village to reach a wide scenic country at Langtang valley, where nice settlement Kyanjin located.

An awesome valley surrounded by array of high snow capped peaks of Langtang, Jugal Himalaya with views as far of Tibetan mountains across the border beyond north of Langtang Himal range. From Langtang valley spending pleasant rest day with scenic hike to high view point hills and then adventure continues towards remote isolated corners heading due south to reach at Naya Kanga Peak / Ganjala Chuli base camp.

With time at base camp with practice and preparation then finally adventure takes you to steep climb on ice, snow and rocky section to reach atop Naya Kanga Peak or Ganjala Chuli rewards you with exceptional panorama of whole Central Himalaya with Langtang-Jugal and Ganesh Himal as far towards Manaslu and Annapurna in the west horizon.

After an exciting ascent conquering on top Naya Kanga / Ganjala Chuli where return journey takes you back to beautiful Langtang valley at Kyanjin back in the comfort of nice cozy lodge and then head downhill to a road head at Syabrubesi village for last night stop around Langtang Himalaya region.

Morning interesting drive brings you back in Kathmandu with marvelous experience and great adventure on Naya Kanga Peak and Ganjala Chuli Climbing of great feat and exciting walks around massive Central Himalaya.

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1,320 m and transfer to Hotel.
Day 02: Full day in Kathmandu trek and climb preparation.
Day 03: Drive to Syabrubesi 1,460 m – 07 hrs journey.
Day 04: Trek to Lama Hotel 2, 350 m – 06 walks.
Day 05: Trek to Langtang village 3, 307m via Ghoretabla – 06 hrs.
Day 06: Trek to Kyanjin 3,749 m – 04 hrs.
Day 07: At Kyanjin rest day for acclimatization.
Day 08: Trek to Naya Kanga with base camp at Branchen Kharka 4,100m – 05 hrs.
Day 09: Trek and climb to Naya Kanga High Camp 5,100 m – 04 hrs.
Day 10: Rest day for climbing preparation and acclimatization.
Day 11: Climb Naya-Kanga / Ganja Chuli and descend to Branchen Kharka.
Day 12: Spare and Contingency day weather permitting for the climb.
Day 13: Trek to Langtang village – 06 hrs.
Day 14: Trek to Lama Hotel – 06 hrs.
Day 15: Trek to Syabrubesi village for last overnight- 05 hrs.
Day 16: Drive to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 17: Final International departure from Nepal.

Best Time and Season for Naya Kanga Peak / Ganjala Chuli climbing and treks: 

March to May months during spring season will be the best time for Naya Kanga Peak Climb and trekking also called as Ganaja Chuli, most days are clear for views and walk as well for climb but cold in the morning and night time, depending upon altitude wise can get snowed sometimes around high Langtang valley and on climb.

Spring time day time is longer with enough sun-lights, lovely walks within forested areas with wild-flowers in bloom especially the rhododendron of various species which is also the national flower of the country.

Next best months from September to November around autumn / fall season, where days are crystal clear for walks and climb with bright starry nights, but shorter day-light hours due to autumn and beginning of winter times, can expect freezing temperatures especially in the morning and night time as well in shade, could snow on trek and climb around much higher ground.

People and Culture:

Naya Kanga Peak or Ganjala Chuli Climbing and treks located within high Langtang valley around Langtang Himal range within Central Himalaya of Rasuwa district populated mostly by Tamang the high hills tribe of Central Himalaya spread throughout high Himalayan range.

Walk takes you around beautiful looking farm villages where Tamang are interwoven with strong Buddhism religion also practice and worships ancient Bon sect of pre-Buddhism which you can notice on walks lined with religious symbols and monuments on trails near villages.

The word Tamang comes from Tibetan origin means Ta for horse and Mar for Red, a red horse cavalry soldier and horsemen in ancient days, origin from Inner Mongolia and Tibet, migrated some 1,000 years ago around Nepal high mountainous region.

Impressive tour of villages and old monasteries of great interest festooned with colorful culture and custom, main settlements Dhunche town, Syabrubesi and Langtang villages with Kyanjin at Langtang Valley. 

The economy and heritage of Tamang community has traditionally been heavily based on trade and livestock herding, but at present due to flow of international mountaineering expeditions with arrival of foreign trekkers, the local economy is increasingly dependent on tourism beside farming and animal herding.

Short Notes on Naya Kanga Peak and Ganjala Chuli Climbing:

After climb of First Naya Kanga Peak one can traverse from Langtang area to reach around another beautiful country of Helambu crossing over high Ganja-la Pass above 5,122 m / 16,800 ft that separates Langtang valley and Helambu region.

On this trek and climb within Langtang National Park, the first park around high mountainous areas of Nepal Himalaya, situated in Central Himalaya, Langtang is the nearest park from Kathmandu. The area extends from 32 km north of Kathmandu to the Nepal – China (Tibet) border.

The complex topography and geography forms varied climatic patterns with wide spectrum of vegetation species includes small areas of subtropical forest (below 1000 m), temperate oak and pine forests at mid-elevation, with alpine scrub and grasses giving way to bare rocks and snow.

Oaks, Chir pine, maple, fir, blue pine, hemlock, spruce and various species of rhododendron make up the main forest species.

Along with existing forest cover, approx. 25 % of the total area provides habitat for a wide range of animals including wild dog, red panda, pika, mount jack, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan Thar, goral, serow, rhesus monkey and common languor.

The Trisuli-Bhote Kosi forms an important route for birds on spring and autumn migration between India and Tibet.


Plastic Boot a pair
Crampons a pair
Ice Axe one
Harness one
Carabineer or Karabiner two each
Snow Gaiters a pair
Snow / Sun Glass one each
Warm Gloves a pair
Wind Proof Jacket & Trouser. a set each
Down Jacket one each
Down sleeping bags one each with inner linear
Main Ropes 200m ( 50m per person) as per the peak chosen
Snow Bar 2 / 4 pieces depending upon group size.
Ski Pole (optional) one each

Above items can be bought or hired in Kathmandu and at Namche Bazaar.


  • Enjoy beautiful dramatic landscapes of rolling green hills and valley with high peaks
  • Stunning panorama of high Central Peaks of Ganesh, Manaslu, Jugal and Langtang Himal
  • Fascinating scenery on walks within dense forest of rhododendron and pine tree-lines
  • Within scenic and magnificent Langtang valley enclosed by array of snow mountains
  • Explore local interesting Tamang villages enriched with age-old heritage of Buddhism
  • On top striking looking peak of Naya Kanga or Ganjala Chuli with exciting, scenic climb
Day 1
Arrival in Kathmandu 1,320 m and transfer to Hotel.

On first arrival in Kathmandu at Nepal international airport via respective airlines, received by our guide or staff for short transfer to your respective hotels in the hub of Kathmandu city, around exciting Thamel where most good restaurants, lodge, hotels and shops located.

After checking into your rooms getting refreshed then join with other groups for briefing on Naya Kanga Peak / Ganjala Chuli Climbing, our guide offers you important details of the trek and climb and useful information to make your adventure enjoyable with us.

Evening includes welcome dinner in a nice and authentic Nepalese restaurant with Folk Culture program of Nepal while having your dinner.

Day 2
Full day in Kathmandu trek and climb preparation.

In Kathmandu preparation for the climb of Naya Kanga Peak and trekking arranging necessary gear and equipment for the adventure, with rest or join in for short

optional tour around Kathmandu at places of great interest.

Day 3
Drive to Syabrubesi 1,460 m - 07 hrs journey.

Morning drive towards North West from Kathmandu past farm villages and towns with great scenery of hills, farm terraces with snow capped peaks on leaving warm low areas then reaching cooler region then enter Langtang National Park at Dhunche town at the height of 1,950 m, a major town and headquarter of Rasuwa district of Langtang Himal area, inhabited mostly of Tamang ethnic tribes throughout the area of this trekking.

From here heading downhill for another 2 hours to the fist overnight stop in Langtang area at Syabrubesi the gateway to Langtang, Ganesh and into Tamang Heritage Trail and as well to the Tibet border at Kyirong just 2 hrs of driving distance from this village.

Day 4
Trek to Lama Hotel 2, 350 m - 06 walks.

The first day walk of this adventure leads to cross a bridge over Langtang Khola (river) later joins the great Trisuli River, and then on the uphill walking through scattered farm villages and terraces with views of surrounding landscapes and into a cool shade of forest reaching near a place with small lodges and tea house at Riverside where the trail from Upper or Thulo Syabru meets, after a rest or lunch break trek continues with a climb through beautiful forests of rhododendron, pines, bamboo tree lines, Langtang area is famous for rare and elusive Red Panda and other wildlife’s, after a good day’s walk reaching at Lama Hotel located in between forest surrounding and by the Langtang Khola with 5-6 simple lodges.

Day 5
Trek to Langtang village 3, 307m via Ghoretabla - 06 hrs.

Morning walk heads higher up through the river gorge in the middle of enchanting woodlands of tall trees of pines, rhododendron and following the river upstream passing few houses and cattle herders shelters and then to more cooler place at Ghoretabla for lunch break in beautiful forest surrounding with few lodges around. From here another 2-3 hours of good walk and the leaving the tree lines behind reaching at Langtang village for overnight stop, the last village before Kyanjin. Here explore this interesting village of Tamang and Bhotias people of Tibetan origin with similar life style of Tibet religion and culture.

Day 6
Trek to Kyanjin 3,749 m - 04 hrs.

After a wonderful stop in this last village, while other up are temporary settlement of yak herders and lodge to serve the trekkers, moving on the winding up trail and then the gorge opens to a wide beautiful valley with awesome views of snow capped peaks that lines this Langtang valley, walking on encountering few prayer or mani walls and then reaching our first destination of this trip at Kyanjin for two nights around lovely valley surrounded by range of peaks with Langtang Lirung glacier just close to the lodge and cheese processing factory established some 35 years ago with help of Swiss assistance.

Day 7
Rest day at Kyanjin for acclimatization and hikes.

A perfect spot for rest day to acclimatize at this high altitude before our next higher journey to Gosainkund and beyond, here many places for short hike and climb like to the hill top of Tsego and Kyanjin ri at over 4,000 meters top for better panorama of surrounding mountains.
From view point hill overlooking at Langtang Himal, beyond which lies Tibet. The major peaks include Ghengu Liru (Langtang II 6571m / 21,560ft), Langtang Lirung (7,425m / 23,765ft) Kimshun (6,745m / 22,137ft) and Shalbachum (6,918m / 22,699ft) to the south, the Chimsedang Lekh forms a ridge of peaks which includes Naya-Kanga 5,846m and Gangchempo, Tilman’s beautiful Fluted Peak.
Beyond it continues to the Jugal Himal, ending with Dorje Lakpa (6,980m / 22,929ft), extending further east on the upper meadows of the Langtang range ends in a huge and massive mountain wall, forming the border with Tibet.

Day 8
Trek towards Naya Kanga base camp at Branchen Kharka 4,100m - 05 hrs.

The walk from Kyanjin follows the downhill track towards the Langtang khola (stream) and to a place called Chhona, from here the path climbs the hillside through rhododendron forest towards Ganja-la to camp at Branchen Kharka for Naya Kanga Base Camp at 4,100m/13,451ft this spot provides a good campsite.

Day 9
Trek and climb to Naya Kanga High Camp 5,100m - 04 hrs.

Walk this morning leads a little further towards Ganja-la to establish a high camp at 5,100m, below the North East Face, from the base camp continue on the trail to Ganja-La to gain the upper cwm filled by a glacier beneath the North-East Face by climbing steeply up moraine to establish the high camp.

Day 10
Rest day for climbing preparation.

A leisure day to scout the area for the climb, our guide and leader will scout and make possible route for the next morning climb.

Day 11
Climb of Naya Kanga / Ganjala Chuli and return to Base Camp -08 hrs.

The route of ascent to Naya Kanga Peak follows North East Ridge, traversing the glacier shelf and then climbing an easy angled couloir to a Col on the ridge.

Above the Col as ridge line steepens normally rope is fixed to safeguard the section of the route, with two further steep sections besides first steep ones which requires rope fixing, the climbs from here leads to a level area below the summit ridge. The summit ridge is quite broad, and it is exposed and corniced and the party will be roped together. The round trip from High Camp to the summit can take about 6-8 hours.

After the magnificent time on the summit with stunning view of the nearby array of snow capped, the long careful descent will bring us to the camp, depending upon the time as per the schedule and in good physical condition we will cover the distance as far as to Branchen Kharka, to make it more easier for the next day walk.

Day 12
Trek to Langtang Village- 06 hours.

After a wonderful time at the Base Camp and at the high summit of Naya Kanga in complete wilderness, return back on the same trail to Langtang Village.

Day 13
Trek back to Lama Hotel 2, 350m - 07 hrs.

Morning catching the last view of this wonderful surrounding and high snow capped mountains in amazing Langtang valley, then heading downhill for another adventure on route Kathmandu, walk leads on the same route till Lama Hotel after a long descend with few short ups in between the walks.

Day 14
Trek to road head at Syabrubesi-05 hrs.

Trek today follows on same scenic route for an hour, crossing over a bridge walk into bamboo forest, on leaving river down below, where long downhill takes you through farm terraces to reach at Syabrubesi for last overnight stop around Langtang Himal region.

Day 15
Drive back to Kathmandu - 06 hrs.

Morning overland journey to Kathmandu on leaving Syabrubesi village drive on winding ups to reach Dhunche and then downhill on same interesting highway to reach back at Kathmandu and then check into your respective hotels, with afternoon free to enjoy your own personal activities and shopping.

Day 16
Drive back to Kathmandu - 06 hrs journey.

Morning after breakfast, an interesting drive back to Kathmandu the journey continues with great views and scenery of the Himalayan landscapes, rolling hills and valleys, then passing through numerous villages and towns on the downhill drive to Kathmandu.

After interesting drive of more than six hours then reach Kathmandu, with great memorable time and experience around high hill and mountains transfer to respective hotels.

Day 17
Final International departure from Nepal.

Your last day in Nepal, country of Himalayan wonders and as per your international flight time depart for homeward bound or to next respective connecting destinations.

Our staff and guide transfer you to Kathmandu airport after a mesmerizing adventure and great experience on Naya Kanga Peak and Ganjala Chuli Climbing within beautiful Langtang Valley.

Cost Include

  • All airport/hotel transfers
  • 3 star Hotel in Kathmandu for 3 nights on BB plan
  • Full day city tour
  • All transport Kathmandu to trek start point and end point to Kathmandu
  • Handful choice of meals (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) during the trek
  • All Mt. accommodation
  • An experienced English speaking trekking guide (Govt. registered), experienced climbing Sherpa guide (Govt. registered), cook, assistant climbing leader (4 trekkers: 1 assistant guide) and Sherpa porters to carry luggage (2 trekkers:1 porter), including their salary, insurance, equipment, food and lodging.
  • All necessary paper works; trekking permits and Mera Peak climbing permit
  • High quality North Face or Mountain Hardware or similar sleeping tent, kitchen, dining, toilet tents, mattresses, and kitchen equipment
  • Exclusive Medical Kit Bag
  • All government and local taxes
  • Personal Climbing Gears:Ice axe, Crampons, Harness, Tape Slings (2), Screw gate Karabiners (2 lock, 2 unlock), Descender/Abseil Device, Plastic Mountaineering Boots, Ascender, Helmet, etc
  • Group Climbing Gears; Snow bar, Rope, Ice Hammer, Ice Screw

Cost Exclude

  • Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu
  • City monument fees
  • Bottle drinks
  • Boiled water and hot shower
  • Travel Insurance & evacuation

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Naya Kanga Peak – Ganjala Chuli Climbing

Trip Facts

  • Private vehicle
  • 2+
  • 5846m
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Strenuous
  • Kathmandu
  • B, L, D
  • Hotels in Kathmandu with local lodge on treks with tented camps on climb.